single black female addicted to retail

lauren, 22.

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She believes she’s some type of hero. The Slayer.

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I was waiting for this


I was waiting for this

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Les amours imaginaires (Heartbeats) - Xavier Dolan

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bae-lish requested: claire underwood + dress me up

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as soon as i heard her line “pussy put his ass to sleep now he callin me NyQuil” i knew i was listening to Art

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the best of Anya Jenkins in season five

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films with teens driving around the city at night and falling in love with each other to cool soundtracks would be great if they weren’t all so damn heterosexual where’s my fuckin mediocre lesbian indie movie with shitty rock music and and they fall in love and wear each other’s hoodies where the FUCK is my FUCKGjng

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What I came to realize is that fear, that’s the worst of it. That’s the real enemy. So, get up, get out in the real world and you kick that bastard as hard as you can right in the teeth.”

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uzo aduba › outstanding guest actress in a comedy series #emmys2014

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"Well, then why should we do anything more than once? Should I just smoke this one cigarette? Maybe we should only have sex once, if it’s the same thing. Should we just watch one sunset? Or live just one day? It’s new every time, each time is a different experience."

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